Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inari Shrine

inari shrine in funabashiWe call Inari shrine "Inari Jinja".
They say that there are more than 30,000 Inari shrines in Japan.

An Inari shrine is a shinto shrine to worship the god Inari.
Originaly god Inari is adored as god of grain or agriculture.
But nowaday it is adored as god of industry.

stone foxGenerally, there is a pair of stone foxes behind the gate, insted of stone guardian dogs.
Because god Inari usues foxes as messengers.

The Inari shrine in this photo is located in central funabashi, near Funabashi railway station.


... said...
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... said...

Do many people visit the shrines?

It is an odd, but understandable transition - from the god of grain/agriculture to industry.

nobu said...

Yes, Inari shrines are still adored by the people who lives or work in the town(or villege).

But, I think that it might be not so important for the people who don't have so much attachiment to the place where they live, for especially in urban.

The shrine in this photo is located in shopping area in the town.
So, the shrine is still adored as god of commerce by the people who live or work in the town.

Reverse Phone Lookup said...

Time has changed and it has changed the meanings of our tradition

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