Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ebigawa is a river which flows in funabashi city.
The place where I took this photo, is close to the mouth of the river.
It is also close to funabashi fishing port .
Today it was cloudy and cold, you can see some buildings in central funabashi in the dark sky.


Malyss said...

the buildings in funabashi are very modern, but the river is surrounded with very traditionnal things, old wooden fences, old interesting contrast!

nobu said...

Thanks Malyss.
Traditional sceneries. are still remain in this city.
On the other hand, in late years the rapid urbanization advances.

JM said...

I agree with Malyss, it's great to see all those traditional things by the river.
I don't think you celebrate Christmas but, anyway, I wish you a wonderful day.

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