Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funabashi fishing port

funabashi fishing port Funabashi fishing port is only one fishing port which work full-scale in the deep inside of Tokyo bay.

Long ago Southern part of funabashi prospered as fishermen's town.
But lot of fishermen got off their fishing boat for the development of the bay, in the rapid economy groth of nation after world war 2.

Fishermen remained are still taking fish and clam, and caluture raising Nori(sea weeds).
Especialy "Funabashi-Nori" has execllent quallity.
Because it is caluture raised by the traditional technique in the precious shallow remained in tokyo bay.

fishing boat Funabashi fishing port is close to large shopping centers, bay side hotels, and two high ways.

fishing boats Those fishing boats are go to waterway to the bay through the water gate.

nets with long bar for catch clam In the photo above you can ses nets with long wooden bar.
Thoes are net for catch clam( short-neck clam).

net for catch clam

Next time, I will introduce you out side of water gate.


Benjamin Madison said...

This is very interesting to see such a large fishery inside Tokyo Bay. Is the water not polluted?

Also very interesting to see the traps with the rakes attached to catch the clams.

nobu said...

Hello benjamin.
Algal that live in shallow clean water.
So they can inherit fishery around the shallow.

SandraD. said...

These views are lovely. It is good to see that the 'old' ways of doing things are still used. That is so charming. I live near the ocean so these photos of Japan's ocean make Japan seem closer to me.
Thanks Nobu!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comment, Sandra.
I had a same feeling when I saw a picture of long beach in your blog.

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