Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tamagawa Ryokan ( An old hotel in funabashi )

tamagawa ryokan "Ryokan" means Japanese style hotel.
This hotel has been run since 1920.
It is located in central Funabashi, and close to the city hall.
The scenery of the suround of the hotel has been changing.
But the hotel still remain the exterior in the past.


anna said...

konbanwa! kochi koso yoroshiku desu! i'll link you ne=)
Tamagawa Ryokan mita koto arimasuyo=)
food blog mo yoroshiku ne=)

magiceye said...

looks very elegant...
unlike all the steel and glass exteriors of modern structures

nobu said...

Anna san konbanwa.
Thanks for linking my blog.

Hello magiceve.
I agree.
It is pity that old style building is decreseing.

Reverse Phone Lookup said...

This place is so traditional.I'll just love to visit here soon.

Jerdleluvsjapan said...

The photo's cool for the contrast of old and new.

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