Friday, July 11, 2008

Japanese Folding Fan (Sensu) in 100 yen shop

japanese folding fan in 100 yen shop

japanese folding fan in 100 yen shop My wife hate using air-conditioner.
So, we don't use it, though it is getting hot.
The other day, I went to 100 yen shop near my house to buy dry buttery .
And I found japanese folding fans in the 100 yen shop.
Now I'm thinking, It is good to use in my house.


magiceye said...

saving the earth from global warming!

nobu said...

Yes, We must save electricity to save the earth.

SandraD. said...

Thank you so much for this blog! I just found you and will look at it every day now. I live at the beach in Southern California and dream going to Japan. I love Japanese things so much! I like to shop at our Japanese .98 cents store, I feel like I am in Japan.
Yeah for Funabashi Daily Cell Phone Photo!
Sandra D.
I often post photos on my blog of where I live too.

nobu said...

Hello sandra.
Welcome to my blog. and thanks for your comment.
I have just visited your blog.
your blog is very interesting!!

Allie said...

I bought several fans in Japan, costing about 600 yen and up each, but my favorite one was from the 100 yen shop...I had meant to go back and buy more...but I didn't...

nobu said...

Hallo Allie, thanks for your comment.

If tere is a Daiso shop in your country.
You can buy it there.

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