Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Baby Guardian Dog

father guardian dog and baby guardian dog
I took these photos in yamano sengen jinja.
In the photo above, you can see a guardian dog standing on the top of rocks.
And you can also see his baby in the bottom of the photo.
Father guardian dog is watching his baby.

baby guardian dog
And the baby guardian dog is about to try to climb up those rocks by his own power.


This morning I received a wonderful award from Daily Haiku of Joo.
I am honoured to receive it, because "Daily Haiku" is an excellent Photo and Haiku(poetry) blog.
( You might know I love haiku and sometime write haiku in English.)
Every day, Joo post her nice photo and haiku that she select, on her blog.
Thanks Joo!

And, I have to follow rules which are:

- Put the Award in the blog
- Link back to the blog you gave you it
- Pass the Award on to other blogs
- Inform owners about Award
- Make rules visible

I pass the award to ...

Macro Photos
Chronicles from the shore
Tokorozawa daily photo


moses said...

Am so happy to recieve this award..you made my day...thanks.

nice capture..I love the baby dog..it's cute...ahahahah:)

m_m said...

Thank you nobu! It so nice that you decided to award our blog! Thank you very much. Congratulations!

Malyss said...

First, congratulations to YOU! I'm glad when YOU get an award because I enjoy your blog every day, learning so much from you and discovering your beautyful country.

Then, Thank you so much to offer me this award ! I'm proud to receive it from you, and I much appreciate your fidelity through weeks, months, and now, even years!
Arigato , dear Nobu!

Cezar and Léia said...

Fabulous pictures!
Wow Congratulations for your award! For sure you deserve it, your blog is very beautiful and creative!

joo said...

Nobu, wonderful photos as usually. I love the guardian dog!
And thank you for those nice words about my blog - it's me who is honoured:)

Kaori said...

Oh wow! Thankyou for the award! I'm honored :)

I like your photo of the guardian! They kind of look like the okinawan 'sheesa'?

amatamari said...

Congratulations and thanks for
rewarded my blog.
I am really happy and honored!
I hope that my next photos can
like to you.
Thanks again

valeria said...

So the father looks over the baby... I like this... it's so sweet!

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