Saturday, February 28, 2009

Funabashi Shrine in Winter

torii-gate in funabashi shrine
Funabashi shrine is a shinto shrine which is located in central funabashi.
Yesterday, it was snow here in funabashi.
I went to the shrine in lunch time.
The precinct of the shrine was very calm.

precinct of funabashi shrine
precinct of funabashi shrine
precinct of funabashi shrine
plant with snow in funabashi shrine
precinct of funabashi shrine
stone lantern in funabashi shrine
main hall of funabashi shrine


Malyss said...

As I do love rain and snow, I think that those pictures are among the most beautyful you've ever showed!There is such a wonderful atmosphere! the place is quiet and peaceful, and it seems to me that I'm hearing the sweet sound of the drops and flakes slowly falling down, that I'm breathing the cold air..Thank you so much for this lovely moment!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Nobu, these photos took my breath away! Like Malyss said, I can almost "feel" the silence and the cold. Just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing.
(PS I loved your haiku from a few days ago.)

valeria said...

Snow?!?!? I thought you were already enjoying spring...
What a beautiful series of photos, Nobu...

JM said...

Awesome place! The altars(?) on the 2nd photo are just lovely! Would love to visit the spot.

Sherry Stewart said...

Beautiful photos Nobu...
Thanks for taking time to photograph to share with us.

Leica麗香 said...

I must agree with Malyss and Madison,
these photos have a wonderful chilly
peaceful feel. They capture the wintery
cold and solitude beautifully.


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