Sunday, October 05, 2008

Funabashi-Daijingu (Funabashi Shrine)

outer shrine of the shrine
Funabashi shrine is a shinto shrine located in funabashi-city.
They say that the origin of the shrine was in AD 110.
The shrine is appears in "Nihon sandai jitsuroku" ("The True Records of Three Generation") which is Japanese national chronicle compleated 901.

front approach to the main shrine or the outer shrinePhoto above is front approch to the main shrine or the outer shrine.

komainu (guradian dog) This is a "Komainu", a guardian dog.

rear approach to the main shrine or the outer shrinePhoto above is rear approch to the main shrine or the outer shrine.

main shrine
Photo above is the main shrine.

The shrine was burn down by the battle in funabashi of Boshin war(1868-1869) .
But rebuilt in 1873.

precinct of the shrine In the precinct of the shrine is usually calm.

infront of the outer shrine
We pray infront of the outer shrine.
The shrine is worsihped by the folks of funabashi and suround.

Photo above is "Dohyo" in the precinct of the shrine.
"Dohyo" is a ring in which Sumo wrestling bouts are held.

Funabashi-Daijingu ( Funabashi Shrine )

5-2-1, Miyamoto, Funabashi, Chiba-prefecture

Daijingu-shita station Keisei-line (Keisei electric railway) by walking 3 minute
Funabashi station Sobu-line (East Japan railway) by walking 15 minute


Madison Avenue Baby said...

You are so lucky to be able to see something like this that is so old and has so much significance. Beautiful.

SandraD. said...

What a wonderful place, how fortunate you are to have it nearby. Here in the United States, and California for sure, we have so little history. How nice it must be to visit someplace that can take you back in time. I am fascinated with Shinto and adore Sumo.
Thank you Nobu!

My Life In Montreal said...

I love Japan...I always loved visiting the shrines when I was a kid.

Keep up the great work!

Barbara Rahal said...

What a nice temple!! How I wish one day to visit those amaizing and ancient places!!

valeria said...

It must be so quiet! And it's so different from any other places, so unique, so Japan! I'd love to be there at times, when I feel the world is moving too quickly around me!

Saretta said...

A beautiful old shrine! I loved visiting places like this when I lived in Japan.

Bridgett said...

What a wonderful and peaceful place to visit. How lucky you are to have it all so near you.

nobu said...

Thanks all.
As you say, usually it is calm.
I like that place.
And I think the shrine is a symbole of funabashi-city.

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