Monday, June 29, 2009

love Green, love Freedom

I took this photo in funabashi shrine around ten days ago.
Green is a symbolic colour of life and nature for me.
Those leaves of trees looks beautiful, because of sun light.
But in dark, the tree might looks a ghost.
Everyone can't live easily without sunshine.
And I can't live without freedom.
I hope blogger "A" is safe in somewhere in Iran.


joo said...

We all hope Nobu! Beautiful photo and great words!

Malyss said...

From a simple and beautyful picture, you made a wonderful message of hope and solidarity.
We share it with you!

Hilda said...

Amir has been released, Nobu! It's such wonderful news! But I hope people do not stop their vigilance. There is still so much violence in Iran — and in so many other parts of the world — and they need so much support still.

A beautiful photograph, and even more beautiful words.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Beautiful post, Nobu.
I think sometimes we Americans take freedom for granted. It is such a privilege to have total freedom and when I see what is happening in Iran it reminds me of this precious gift. I hope for the best for the people of Iran.

Ayie said...

green is so relaxing! i love greens

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