Monday, February 23, 2009

Vending Machine in the Dark

vending machine in the dark
This is a vending machine for soft drinks.
They sell Japanese tea, tea, coffee and so on by this machine.
Blue sign under sample indicate cold drink, red sign indicate hot drink.
In winter, those hot drinks are sold well.


Sherry Stewart said...

Everything Japanese is always ' design appealing' to the eye. Lovely colors, and characters anyway are beautiful, arrangement, such sensitive I admire so much. Nice photos Nobu!

nanak said...
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nanak said...

wish one day my city have something like this :)

answering your question
not, it's not chain shop.

Anonymous said...

The machine keeps the hot drinks warm until you buy them? Cool.

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

Yes, It keeps hot drinks warm.

Leica麗香 said...

How can a picture of a vending machine be so pretty??

Once again, Nobu-san shows wonderful photographer's eye.

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