Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lighthouse in New Year

lighthouse in funabashi shrine
This is the lighthouse in funabashi shrine.
It doesn't work now, but it is a symbol of funabashi city.
In three days of new year, we can enter to inside of the lighthouse.
Many people was waiting to enter to it.


Malyss said...

Some years ago , I had a website with some friends, about the firelights.I love their very special architecture, and the fact that they are used to save lifes;I still collect postcards and pictures of them.This one seems very old?

Saretta said...

Did you go inside, Nobu? Is there a view from the top?

nobu said...

It was built in 1880.

Sorry, I couldn't take photo on top of the light house.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

What happens to the lighthouse the rest of the year? You cannot go in except on New Year?

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