Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lighthouse in funabashi shrine

lighthouse in funabashi shrine Around center of the photo above, you can see something over the tree.
The lighthouse hide behind the tree.
It is pity that I was not able to take it clearly.

lighthouse in funabashi shrine
Photo above is a photo on the borad which is set in front of the lighthouse.
The lighthouse is located in the precincts of Funabashi shrine . It was built in 1880, and continued operation until 1895.

It is rare lighthouse in some reason.
Almost people are suprised to see the lighthouse which is standing in city central.
Before they did land reclamation, it was near to the beach.
The lighthouse was built by local peaple, and then it was formally approved by the goverment.
First and second floor are Japanese style, and third floor is western style

It doesn't work now as lighthouse.
But it is one of symbol of Funabashi city.
And I think the lighthouse is still watching our daily life.

The discreption below is excerpt from the discreption by Funabashi city board of education.
The light source consists of three petroleum lamps and three reflex mirror made of tin.
The light could be seen from a distant of 11 killometers.
The light employs no lens, but the technology was quite current for its time.

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