Monday, January 12, 2009

Coming-of-Age Day

in front of the hall which the ceremony is held
in front of the hall which the ceremony is heldToday is Coming-of-Age Day.
It is a national holiday.( the second monday of January )
Today, "coming-of age ceremony" is held in every city(or town).
It is a ceremony for the people who reached ( or will reach ) 20 years old during current school year.
I took photos above in front of the hall which the ceremony is held.
I think the ceremony is simple, some speeches and some attractions.

a girl wearing furisode
Almost ladies who attend to the ceremony wear Furisode.


Malyss said...

I had never seen furisode with fur ! How beautyful and smart!!

JM said...

They look great in their outfits!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

They are beautiful! Thanks for the pictures, Nobu.
Happy Seijin Shiki!

Hilda said...

That is such a sweet ceremony! But why 20? I'm so used to either 18 or 21. This is the first time I've seen fur-trimmed furisode too. I like how it looks — very elegant. And warm.

nobu said...

Tkanks all.
Hilda; Because the age of majority in Japan is 20.

White Oleander said...

I love all Japanese ceremony.

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