Friday, January 09, 2009

Furisode discounted

Furisode discounted Furisode is a long-sleeved kimono.
It is the most formal kimono for unmarried women on ceremonial occasions.

By the way, the second Monday of January is coming-of-age day (20 years old).
Many of girls who attend the ceremony, wear furisode.
But those girls have already got it in this time.
So, I think they have to discount the furisode.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

I have two comments, Nobu.
First, the furisode is beautiful.
Second, what happens on coming-age day? How do the girls celebrate? Is there a party where they where the furisode? Will you take pictures?
(Okay - 1 comment and 4 questions.:)


Interesting. I have heard of a furisode before. We learn sos much from each other blogging

Malyss said...

Kimonos are always very beautyful;there are a lot of rules about the way to wear them;for a western woman, it's strange and attractive at the same time...

Saretta said...

It's very beautiful! Even on sale, I bet it's expensive!

Bridgett said...

What is it that the ladies do for their coming-out day? The gown is gorgeous!

valeria said...

May I just say that Dawn has written what I was thinking? But I have one more question: how much is the furisode?!?!?

nobu said...

Thanks all.

"coming-of-age day" is a national holiday in Japan.
Ceremonies are held every city(or town).
Contents of the ceremony are different in each city.
The ceremony is not only for girls(ladies) but also for guys, for the people who reached(will reach) 20 years old during current school year.

After the ceremony, Some people gather in group at evening and hold a party personaly, or go out drink.
on that time, I think girls don't wear "Furisode".

I can't take photos of the ceremony, because I can't enter the hall the ceremony is held.
But I am thinking to take a photo about the ceremony.

The Furisode in this photo is 99,000 yen ( one yen is around 90 US$ now).

Sherry said...

I want 3 furisode! :)
And wow, just to hang on a wall, beautiful.

it's the shipping that's the killer..

Hmm, I think it is lovely.
And a nice custom, too.

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