Monday, August 18, 2008

One hot day in summer

farm in summerI took it on the road along the farm.
Many of farmers in my town cultivate sand pear( Nashi pear) and some vegetables.
This summer is too hot.
I think it is hard to work in the farm in such hot day.
I hope global warming is stopped.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my Sendai, Japan blog and for leaving a comment there.

I lived in Japan from 1953 to the summer of 1956. Most of the time I lived in Sendai-shi. I was also in Sapporo in 1953 for a short time.

I took all of the photos in color and black and white. Color film had just come out in 1953 and we got some in Sendai. Kodak and Fuji both had 35mm color slide film.

I like your country scene photo of growing the pears. I like to eat them.

I hope your weather is cooling down. It is cool here in Brookville, Ohio where I live.

Eki Akhwan said...

This is a beautiful countryside ... What's the name of that flower?

Bridgett said...

What a beautiful photo! How hot has it been there lately? It was 109 here last weekend. I'm ready for Fall!

nobu said...

Hello abraham.
Your photo of Sendai are really varuable.I'm going to visit your sendai blog soon.

Hello eki.
It is Hollyhock. we call it "Tachiaoi".
I like it.

Hello bridgett.
Oh! 109F, It's so hot. Here in Funabashi, it is around 90F today.
But in Japan humiditiy is high.

Harry Makertia said...

I love the way you manage the scene so it's really beautiful. The color is soo rich! Love it!

nobu said...

Harry, Thanks!!
I like walking there.

mirage2g said...

A perfect skywatch!!! Love the gumamela (hibiscus) is a lovely foreground.

SandraD. said...

I never imagined it being so hot in Japan! It gets hot here in Southern California but this summer has been very mild. It was 80 degrees F. today at the beach with a nice breeze. I love hollyhocks.

nobu said...

Hello mirage.
I had been thinking to take a photo there.

Hello sandra.
I love hollyhock too.

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