Thursday, August 14, 2008


ramuneRamune is a carbonated soft drink which usually has lemon taste.
It is well known in Japan because of the lovely shape of the bottle.

Originaly It came from UK long ago.
And it has been produced by small companies in Japan since 1872.

It is sealed with the marble which is pressed by carbon dioxide inside of the bottle.
We push the marble into the bottle, and drink.

ramune after drink After drink it, the marble is on the neck of the bottle like a phto above.
In these days, It is not so popular.
But it is still popular in such as summer festival.
And it is still loved by the people who has nostalgical feeling of it.


SandraD. said...

How sad that it is not so popular now. We can get it here at the Japanese grocery and '100yen' shops (well, really 98 cents). I like it! I like the way the little marble clinks around in the bottle when you drink it. There is also a candy with the same name/flavor.

nobu said...

Hi Sandra. I didn't know it is sold in US.
But I'm glad you like it.
As you say,It maks cool sound like wind chaim.

magiceye said...

sure is fun to hear the whistle when the marble is pushed down.. we geet it some rural areas out here!

Do check out my Independence Day SkyWatch post here

Ann (MobayDP) said...

It sounds like a delicious drink. Too bad it has lost its popularity.

I've never seen it, but must look out for it when next I am in the US.

nobu said...

Hello Ann.
Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

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