Sunday, October 18, 2009

Japanese Photinia in Autumn

Japanese Photinia in Autumn
I took this photo today.
These small trees are Japanese Photinia.
It is popular as hedge.

Those red ( not green ) leaves are fresh leaves.
( Colour of the leaf turns to green from red )

Usually, fresh leaves of the tree come out in spring.
But, if they prune it in summer, fresh red leaves come out again in fall.
And it makes beautiful contrast of green and red.


Kaori said...

It's like xmas is already here :) Beautiful colors!

joo said...

It's beautiful indeed!

Bridgett said...


Malyss said...

Like Kaori, my first thought was that the colors are perfect for Christmas season coming soon!
For once, autumn colors are not orange or gold, it gives a change!

valeria said...

I know this plant and it's lovely!

Sherry Stewart said...

Photina is one of my favorites. Here it grows very large. Maybe another variety, Frazerii?

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