Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Haiku ( Rainy Park)

Rainy Park
after spring storm ;
raindrops are playing
in a small park

by Nobu

This morning, strong wind blew here in funabashi.
And It has been rain.
After lunch, I went out to take a photo in the light rain.


Malyss said...

What a lovely haiku..Raindrops as lost children playing after the storm in the deserted park..I like this picture very much!I'll keep that in my collection of beautyful pictures and quotes about rain!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Lovely photo.
Lovely poem.
Thank you, Nobu.

Saretta said...

Nice mood photo...and thank you for the haiku!!!

ViennaDaily said...

It was a rather weird day here too. I haven't written haiku for a long time! Love it!

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