Thursday, March 05, 2009

Peko-chan as Chef

Do you remember her?
Peko-chan is a mascot of fujiya that is sweets maker in Japan.
She has already appeared in this blog.

Peko-chan .
Peko-chan as fashionable dresser.
Peko-chan with Kimono .
Peko-chan as Santa Claus.

And this time, she became a chef.
I wonder what she cook.

I took this photo in front of a fujiya restaurant


Hilda said...

Love her! I'm sure the visual merchandisers have such fun thinking up of costumes for her :)

Malyss said...

She 's always smiling and seems about to eat something good. She surely brings happy mood to everyone!

JM said...

I remember Peko-chan, really cyte! :-)

valeria said...

Of course! Peko-chan is such a lovely character!!!

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