Friday, October 10, 2008

Peko-chan as a fashionable dresser

Today, TV news were dark tune all day.
Tokyo stock market open at low, and sharply down.
Selling called selling.
And a insurance company went under.
But, we should not forget smile

By the way,Peko-chan has a smile ever day.
I have alredy introduced you her.
Today's Peko-chan is so fashionable.
She is eternally 6 years old.
But I think Today's Peko-chan is a lady.


valeria said...

This is such a funny character! Is it outside of the restaurant?

nobu said...

Hello valeria.
Yes, It is outside of Fujiya-restaurant.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Love the purple!
The stock market in USA is down too but we will bounce back and things will be fine again.

Eki Akhwan said...

That's true, Nobu. Smile is what makes a day worthwhile. We may have difficult times every now and then, but smiles show that we still have hope for a better future. Peko-chan can teach us that lesson: smile everyday.

My Life In Montreal said...

Memories...I still have an address book of her as the cover. I have it since the age of 6.

QVC said...

These are some really good characters.

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