Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vending Machine and Bamboo Grass

vending machine and bamboo grass

vending machine and bamboo grass
I have been searching for interesting vending machine.
And I have been searching for lovely bamboo or bamboo grass.

I took these photos, when I walked along the farm.
That vending machine sells soft drinks.
In Japan, there are many vending machines in really various place.

Vending machine and bamboo grass.
What do you think of the combination?


Malyss said...

Like ephemere and eternity...In a short time, the machine will be destroyed and forgotten, and the bamboo , which was there long before the machine, will still be there after , like a quiet and silent conqueror, as nature always is..

Madison Avenue Baby said...

First of all, Malyss is so poetic!

The machine does not belong there. It just looks so out of place. I guess if you are thirsty you would like to have a drink...

Hilda said...

Japan and its vending machines! This one looks like it's in the middle of nowhere! ;D

Love the bamboo grass, though.

SandraD. said...

It is a lovely vending machine, very stark and white with the interestingly colored cans of the same shape inside. Though seeing it out all alone is very random.
Great photo Nobu!

Sherry said...

I always giggled at these machines sitting in rows in the countryside of Japan. And why not have them in country? In America, sadly, they would be broken into or destroyed. Sad commentary of awareness in US.

Always Nobu, your expression reveals respect that is not so common in this country, and is why we can't stop for a nice juice or drink of cocoa, or a bottle of beer in the country at a vending machine here in America.

I should scan my photos of vending machines to share with you.

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