Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pottery Statue of Tanuki

pottery statue of raccoon dog"Tanuki" means raccoon dog.
I took this photo in front of a liquor shop.
He wear straw hat and carry a container of liquor.
If you visit Japan, you often see him in front of some shops such as liquor shops and izakaya.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

I think if I drink too much of the liquor that raccoon dog would scare me away from the liquor store!

Malyss said...

What a funny little one!I wonder why such animal was choosen to represent the liquors shops..

valeria said...

Really funny and so unusual! The dog looks like a monkey

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a raccoon dog. I like raccoons. I also like dogs.

Hilda said...

An alcoholic raccoon dog? Heehee!

Come out and play, Nobu! I just tagged you in my blog :D

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