Friday, November 07, 2008


sobu-rapid-trainI took this photo at Funabashi station (JR).
This train runs on railway track beside sobu-line.
It taks 27 min to go to tokyo St. from funabashi St by this train.
And we can go to narita airport by it reasonably.
The car is E217 series which was developed as outer-suburban type.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

I have heard about your trains that they are fast!

Hilda said...

When I went to Tokyo in 2006, it was your trains that I most envied!

You'll tell me if you ever decide to visit Manila again, okay?

tr3nta said...

that's a strange looking train... :-)

nobu said...

Hello Dawn.
I usually get on that train when I go to tokyo station.

Hello Hilda.
Yes,of course.

Hello tr3nta.
Yes It have unique face.

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