Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tobu Noda line

funabashi station of Tobu-Noda line Tobu Noda line is a railroad line which is maneged by Tobu railway co.,ltd.
It runs between funabashi (chiba prefecture) and omiya (saitama prefecture).

Photo above is funabashi station of Tobu railway.
I took it around 6pm.
It is not crowded yet.


Eki Akhwan said...

Good choice for the theme day, Nobu. THis photo tells the day to day story of your city.

Saretta said...

Nobu, your photo reminds me of when I lived in Japan (Okayama and then Yokohama) teaching English. I took the trains all over!

nobu said...

Thanks Eki!!

Thanks saretta.
Oh I'd like to see your photo of japan.
It takes around one hour Funabashi to Yokohama by rapid train.

SandraD. said...

The sky in this photo is so dreamy. The train under that sky with it's door open so you can see inside, this is a very good photo. It really does tell a story, I feel like I could just get on that train!
Thank you Nobu for that picture.

nobu said...

Thanks Sandra.
It is difficult for my cell phone to takt it in night.
So I took it early evning.
I like that sky too.

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