Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fishing shop

fishing shop This fishing shop is along the rout 14.
It is near to bay area.

fish bite vending machinePhoto above is a fish bait vending machine.
It is set by the fishing shop.

net for catching clam In the photo above, you can see nets for catching clam.
Thoes are sold by the fishing shop.
Thoes nets are very small compered with the net which fishermen use.

fisher men's net Photo above is a clam catching net which fishermen use.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

Hi, Nobu
I WISH we had so much wonderful fish and clams that you could buy so easily. I love fresh sea food.
I have never seen fish in a vending machine!
I found Funabashi on Google maps. There were some other places near called Keiseifunabashi, Shinfunabashi, Higashikaijin and Daijingshita. Can you help me translate what those are?
Thanks, Nobu!

ken mac said...

what do they sell in the fish bite machine?

nobu said...

Sorry I mistook.
It's fish bait.
They sell a kind of lugworm as live bait.

ken mac said...

wow, a fish bait machine. I have heard that Japanese vending machines sell all kinds of delicious foods. yes?

nobu said...

Dawn; Thoes are train stations.
several railway lines runs in funabashi-city.

Bridgett said...

Wow, a fish bait vending machine. What convenience!

Saretta said...

And the other shoe?

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Thanks, Nobu!
I like trying to find these places on the map. Your haiku is also very nice.

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