Friday, October 03, 2008

Event Station

they sell sweet from kyotoInfront of funabashi railroad station, they sell something interesting.
Some time local products in Japan, some time low-priced music CD, some time vegetables fresh from farm, etc.
The other day, they sell sweet from Kyoto.
I was in the mood of kyoto a little.


Bridgett said...

I've always loved those colorful parasols!

nobu said...

Thanks bridgett.
Those parasols are made of paper and wood.
I will introduce it some day in my blog.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I was looking at Funabashi on Google Maps. I would like to see where you are but I need a street name or something.

nobu said...

Hi down.
What about funabshi when you look it by google?
I'm hidding some where in western part of the city :-)

valeria said...

I like those lovely coloured parasols! The miniature ones were widely used to decorate cocktail glasses in the eighties. I rarely see them now, but still, they have that particular charm and I always wonder who made such a delicate, little thing!

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