Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tarobashi (Taro-bridge)

tarobashiTaro-bridge is a brige which is over ebigawa (ebi-river) flowing in the funabashi city.
"Taro" is a common Japanese boy's name.

There are four statue of Japanese old folk tale heroes on the railings of the bridge.
I introduce you the four heroes.

momotaro "Momotaro"

One day, a old woman found a huge peach floating in the river. (it was not ebi-river)
She took it to her home to eat.
When she and her husband opened the peach, they found a baby boy in the peach.
They decided to raise the baby as child of them.
And gave the name "Momotaro" to the baby boy.
(momo means peach)

When Momotaro grew up, he heard that Orgres often tomented people.
He decided to conquer the ogres.
He left his home for Onigashima that is island ogres liveing.
On the way, he took a dog, a pheasant, and a monkey as follower.
In Onigashima, they beated ogres.
And ogres surrendered to Momotaro.

Photo above is the statue which Momotaro and his followers are on the ship for Onigashima.

kintaro "Kintaro"

Kintaro was super strong child.
Kintaro played in the steep mountain as his garden.
He always carried big ax on his shoulder.
His friends were animals of the mountain.
He smo wrestled with bear, and he always won.
Kintaro was not only strong but also had a gentle heart.

He grew up to be a great Samurai.

Photob above is the statue which Kintaro riding on the bear for the exercise of horse riding.

urashima taro "Urashima Taro"

Urashima Taro was young fisherman.
One day, Taro found a tartle being tomented by some children in the beach.
He saved the tartle and he was invited to the palace in the sea as reward.
He went to the palace in the sea, and he was received heartly by the beautiful princess.

After few days, he ask the princess to return to home.
She didn't like him to go back.
But she gave up.
The princess gave a small box to Taro, and tell him never open it.

Taro went back to the beach riding the tartle.
But he was not able to see his house.
Every thing had changed.
He opened the box the princess gave him, and then white smoke came out from the box.
Suddenly he became to be an old man.
So he stayed the palace for few days, but 300 years passed on the ground.

Photo above is the statue which Urashima Taro is riding on the tartle with fishing rod and a small box.

monogusa taro "Monogusa Taro"

Monogusa Taro was a very lazy young man.
Taro lay down on the street evry day.
Only thing he did was composing poem.

But one day, he went to the capital to work.
Because he need to pay tribute for the lord.
In the capital, he found a beautiful lady, and he love her.
But she didn't accept him, becaouse of his shabbily dressed.

Taro didn't give up.
He told her a poem he composed.
And then, she was moved.

Later he become famous for his excellent poem.
And he was given feudul estate.

Photo above is the statue Monogusa Taro lay down on the street.


Kris said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have met a few Taro’s myself! I like these pictures.

nobu said...

Hi kris, thanks for your comment!.

D.C. Confidential said...

What wonderful stories! Thank you for sharing.

SandraD. said...

What wonderful stories, and how wonderful for your city to make a bridge using them. We don't have anything like that here. I appreciate your sharing those. I liked the one about the turtle the best.

Bridgett said...

Those are truly fantastic stories and I shared them with my son. He loved the one about the sea turtle the best. They were such fun to read!

nobu said...

Hello d.c.confidential.
Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

Hello sandra, thanks for your kind comment. Urasima Taro is a story which has not happy ending.But I think the story tlaks much.

Hello brigett, thanks a lot for introduceing these stories to your son.

Leica 麗香 said...

Nobuさんが時に読みましたとき、最近のブログに書き込みはまだ未完成です。 珍紛漢紛でしたね。 (^^;)

私は中国と日本の民間伝承が大好きです。 子供のときから私は読書が好きで、桃太郎は私のお気に入りの物語の1つでした。

nobu said...

Hi leica, I'm glad to hear "Momo Tro" is a your favorite story.

Benjamin Madison said...

Wonderful post - great stories and photos and insight into japanese culture. Thanks. Your blog is too interesting!

nobu said...

Hello benjamin. Thanks for your kind comment!!

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