Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny Manekineko

funny manekineko
Traditional manekineko is raising right paw or left paw.
But they are raising both paw.
In a sence, I think it is bad manner.
Oh, time is changing.

But they are funny.
I took this photo on the way to ebigawa-bride.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

Hi, Nobu
I learned about the right-paw, left-paw meaning from you. I never knew what it meant before, now I do. It does seem a little greedy to have both paws up!
I love your daily photos...keep them coming. I have learned so much about Japanese culture. Thanks, Nobu.
(PS We would love to see a picture of you.)

nobu said...

Hi madison avenue baby.
Thanks for your comment.
As you say, Both paw up is greedy, haha,so they can't bring fortune to their owner!

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