Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ebigawabashi (ebigawa-bridge)

ebigawa-bridge Ebigawa-bridge is over ebigawa(ebi-river) which flows in funabashi city.
The bridge is on one of main street in central funabashi.
We pass through the bridge when we go to Funabashi shrine from funabashi railroad station.

ebigawa-bridge Ebigawa-bridge has design of ship at both side.
The ship is Godairikibune that had sailing in tokyo bay since edo period to early modern times.

ebigawa-bridge Godairikibune is one of symbol of funabashi city.
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By the way, "funabashi" is "船橋" in kanji symbol.
"船 (fune)" means ship or boat.
"橋 (hashi)" means bridge.

Long, long ago, the river was aorund three times wider than the present time.
They connected small boats insted of bridge.
They say that it is origin of the name of funabashi.


mirage2g said...

Oh the dove posed for you too!

nobu said...

Hi mirage.
I think the dove loves cell phone!

Bridgett said...

There is something so peaceful about walking along a bridge and gazing into the water. It was calming just looking at your photos. Nobu!

SandraD. said...

A city of bridges and water, how delightful! Oh, the pigeons in Japan look just like the pigeons in California!

nobu said...

Hi bridgett.
I like walking along the river.

Hi sandra.
Lot of pigeons are in parks in this city.

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