Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doutor coffee shop in the railroad station

doutor coffee in the railroad station
I have alredy post about Doutor coffee shop.
In these days doutor coffee shop appear in various place, such as railroad station, shopping mall, service area of high way.
Photo above is doutor coffee shop in Tobu-line funabshi railroad station.

doutor coffee in the railroad station
It is narrow, but convenient.


Kris said...

I'll take two please!

nobu said...


SandraD. said...

Here in California we have Starbucks Coffee shops everywhere, really, everywhere, even in the grocery stores! Maybe Doutor coffee shops should come to California, I would like that.

nobu said...

Hi Sandra.
Starbucks coffee shop has alredy popular in Japan.
But it have not been here in funabashi.

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