Monday, August 11, 2008

Sand pear (Nashi pear)

sand pear (nashi pear)
sand pear (nashi pear) Funabashi city is a sand pear-producing area.
There are many of sand pear farm in my house.
The harvest of sand pear has started.
It is delicious and juicy, and rich in potassium and fiber.
So it is good for health.

Ofcourse, this sand pear is fresh from farm.


SandraD. said...

Oh! That looks delicious. I had a bowl of fresh plums for dessert last night, I just adore fresh fruit. I hope you enjoyed eating that beautiful sand pear. I don't think we have those here in California. I have never seen one. I have seen 'Asian' pears, but they have a very yellow outside, not green like the one in your photo.

nobu said...

Hello sandra, thanks for your comment.
Colour of Sand pear(Nashi pear) is deffirent by species.
Some are green,Some are brown.
Also,taste and harvest time are deffirent.
They plant several kind of sand pear tree in the farms of Funabashi.

Bridgett said...

Perfect photo! It makes you crave a sweet juicy pear!

nobu said...

Sand pear(Nashi pear) is good with meat dish.

mirage2g said...

I like those than the yellow ones (nashi).

babooshka said...

Now that does look sumptious.

Kris said...

The most underrated fruit in Australia, the pear!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comments!!

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