Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mikoshi Parade in the Old Fisherman Town

In the Edo era, sea in front of funabashi was one of the fishery place that gave fishes to Togugawa Shogun.
In the rapid economy growth of nation after the world war 2, a lot of fishermen at funabashi got off their fishing boat.
But fishermen who remain still inherit their traditional fishery in the old fisherman town.

"Minato-cho Yatsurugi-shrine festiaval" is a summer festival of the fisherman town.
In the festival, they carry Mikoshi (miniature shrine) in the town.

And they stop sometimes and push the Mikoshi in the swing, and carry it again.
That Mikoshi is covered with white clothes to protect decorations to the swing.

These photos were taken on July 17, 2010.


Hilda said...

That looks and sounds like a very interesting festival. Would you know why they swing the shrine? Reminds me of waves.

nobu said...

Yes, I think they compare that to wave.

Nihal said...

Spectacular portable shrine parade and gorgeous scenes of floats and people carrying Mikoshi should be unique to this town providing cheerful days. Thanks Nobusama for great shots.

Malyss said...

What an interesting tradition! here also , there are not a lot of fishermen left, but their traditions are still very strong. Here, they carry a statue of Holy Virgin, because she protects the fishermen;

joo said...

Looks like a fascinating festival!
Great series of photos.

crocrodyl said...

Very interesting!

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you to share to us ! I love Japanese cultured : )

Kaori said...

I love a good matsuri! That mikoshi looks pretty heavy. Great photos :D

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