Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rainy Holiday and Azalea

azaleaToday is a holiday in Japan.
It was rain, but I went out to take photos in the rain.
And I found these colourful azalea.
In the rain, these flower looked very beautiful.

What colour of azalea do you like.


joo said...

Colours look fantastic in rainy and cloudy day!Today is raining here too:)

Kaori said...

What a coincidence! I just posted a photo of azaleas too :)
I love the bright pink colors!

Malyss said...

Pink are my favorites, and RAINY pink are my absolute favorites! Ü

m_m said...

What holiday is today in Japan? These flowers look amazing and the colours are so vital!

nobu said...

Thanks all !!
M_M ; Originally, Today(May 6) is not a national holiday.
Today is transfer holiday from May 3 (Constitution Memorial day).
Because May 3 comes on Sunday this year, and May 4(Green day), May 5(Childlen's day) are National holiday.

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