Monday, May 04, 2009

Azalea by the Path

azalea by the path
I took these photos in my town today.
In this season, I often stop to watch this flower.
We call this flower "Tsutsuji" in Japan.

You can see cherry trees along the path in the first photo.
Those fresh green leaves make this flower more beautiful.

Azalea is my favorite flower in spring.


Saretta said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Malyss said...

I understand why it's your favorite flower: what a perfect beauty!

m_m said...

Great path to have a nice walk!:)

Superb macrophoto! Regards!

joo said...

Great flowers! I love them very much, every year Can't wait to see them in bloom.

Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Beautiful flowers with striking colours!

White Oleander said...

Beautiful! I seriously love flowers:)

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