Saturday, April 04, 2009


I took this photo, when I walked on a back street in central funabashi.
Those lanterns were hung out side of an Izakaya.
Izakaya means Japanese pub.
If you visit Japan, you will often see such lantern.


Kim said...

I like this photo very much. It has a wonderful graphic quality. So, did you stop in, or just pass by :-).

nobu said...

Hello Kim.
I just passed by, haha.

valeria said...

These lanterns are beautiful, they seem quite big too.
Great catch! Hope you are having a good weekend, Nobu. Ciao!

Malyss said...

Lanterns and Japan go together. For European, it's a little like your symbol. Those ones are tall and beautyful.

Ianny said...

Together with rice paper screens, Japanese paintings, ikebana (floral arrangement) and tatami mats, lanterns like these will make perfect decoration for a Japanese themed home.

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