Sunday, April 26, 2009

Carp Stream in a Kindergarten

carp stream in a kindergarten
Have you ever seen fish sailing in the sky?
We call such carp stream "koi-nobori".
It is for children's day (May 5).


valeria said...

We surely don't have those flying fishes! That's really really nice, Nobu!
We don't celebrate children either.... sigh!

Malyss said...

Another great celebration day that you have and we have not! I saw such things in a documentary on T.V. There were thousends of those things, and it was full of colors.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I love flying fish!
I think we don't have children's day here because we spoil our children too much every day!

Ayie said...

That's a nice celebration, seeing flying fishes are quite enjoyable! Can't see that thing here.

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