Sunday, March 15, 2009

Park in Early Spring

amanuma bentenike park
Today I went to amanuma bentenike park.
This park is near to funabashi railway station.
It was fine and warm.
Many people enjoyed holiday in sun shine.
I like this peaceful mood.
I'd like to go there again, when cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Hilda said...

It looks very pretty with the fountain and flowers.

linda3u said...

Hi Nobu...i like this picture...purple flower so nice...^_^ wlcome to my blog..

Madison Avenue Baby said...

How pretty!
Please come back and take a photo when the cherry trees are blooming.
Our cherry trees and Bradford pear trees are just about in full bloom here.
But it's been cold and raining for several days and doesn't feel at all like spring.
Thanks for the picture, Nobu.

White Oleander said...

What a nice view.

rob said...

What a peaceful atmosphere!

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