Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hina Ningyo

hina ningyo
March 3rd is girl's day in Japan.
We call it "Hinamatsuri" or "Momo no sekku".
It is an event to celebrate in hope of growth of girl in healthy.
On that day families who have girl set dolls called "hina ningyo" in their house.
Those dolls are in court dress of the heian era.
In the photo above, Emperor and Empress are on the top platform.
Three attendant ladies are on the second platform.

hina ningyo
hina ningyo


Hilda said...

These dolls are gorgeous! And the little accessories too. I just love it when you tell us about your customs — so interesting!

valeria said...

I agree with Hilda! This is such an interesting celebration. Tell us more, tomorrow!

White Oleander said...

I love all Japanese celebrations:)

JM said...

Yes, I remember you have mentioned this before when you showed us some (pink) sweets. These dolls are lovely.

Malyss said...

How beautyful and lovely!those dolls are so cute!
i'd like to be girl in Japan!....
Is there a boy's day?

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