Monday, November 17, 2008

Small park

small park for children Yesterday, It was rain in the morning.
I went out to take photo after rain stopped.
This is a small park for children.
When I went to the park, noone was there


valeria said...

Beautiful corner, Nobu, looks like a lovely garden for children to play!

Hilda said...

It still looks kind of wet. I wouldn't want kids playing there just to catch a cold. ;)

But it does look like a lovely park to play in.

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Mahmud Yussop said...

I like sweeping fallen leaves on the garden steps. The act of which gives me much mental theraphy. But you've got to do it when the ground is dry. It is that thing about rustling leaves. It brings music of peace everytime I sweep the garden floor.What a poetic picture you've got here.I like the leaves in yellow and the mass of dead leaves on the ground,they look so natural.Life should be like that.

Saretta said...

Too wet to play?

Ackworth Born said...

autumn leaves are everywhere

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