Sunday, November 23, 2008

QB House

QB House
in the shop of QB House
QB House is a hair cut shop chain which is maneged by QB Net Co,Ltd.
The sales points of the shop are just 1000yen, and complete hair cutting in 10 minutes.
They does not do shampoo and the shave.
After hair cut, they clean our hair with a device just like vacuum cleaner.
When we enter the shop, we buy ticket with machine which is accept only 1000yen paper money.
The comb is made of regenerated paper, and use it only one time. If we hope we can get it.
In the shop is simple but clean.
I think the shop is popular among the married men.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

This is a good idea. Very efficient and I think 1000 yen is a good price.

JM said...

10 minutes only?!? No ear cuts? :-)

Jessica said...

Wow, this sounds like such a cool idea. I can't believe it only takes 10 minutes!

SandraD. said...

10 minutes? That is amazing. QB sounds like fun with the payment method and toss away combs! Here in Southern California we have 'Supercuts'. It costs 15 dollars, but they take about 20 minutes. You can pay extra for shampoo and blow dry. There are always a lot of men waiting.

valeria said...

It's a real innovation in the world of hair cutting!

tr3nta said...

10 min thats fast... :-)

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