Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hokkaido Fair

Hokkaido Fair The other day, they sold special product of hokkaido infront of funabashi railway station.
Hokkaido is the second largest norternmost and least depeloped of Japanese four main island.
I introduce you some products.

Hidaka Konbu
Photo above is "Hidaka Konbu".
It is a dried konbu(kelp).
It is an excellent ingredient of soup stock.

Sake-tobaPhoto above is "Sake-toba".
It is a dried salmon.


Saretta said...

Yum! I miss Japanese food very much, it is so good!

Hilda said...

They both sound yummy! Especially the dried salmon!

Malyss said...

For me, they rather sound unknown and strange...Ü..

valeria said...

I'd like to get some of those leaves for a good stock!

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