Saturday, October 18, 2008


jyugatsuzakuraJyugatsuzakura is a kind of cherry tree.
Name "Jyugatsuzakura" means literally "October cherry tree (blossom)".
It is rare cherry tree.
It blossoms twice in a year, spring and fall.
Here in fubanashi, It comes in blossoms in october, little by little.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

Cherry trees are some of my favorites. I used to have a Yoshino cherry tree. What is "Yoshino?".
It is wonderful to see this tree blooming in October. They only bloom once time a year here.

babooshka said...

So beautiful.

nobu said...

Babooshka, Thanks for your comment.

dawn; Yoshino cherry is "Somei Yoshino", Typical cherry tree.

Saretta said...

Beautiful photo...I remember having many picnics under the cherry trees in spring in Japan, but never in the fall!

Bridgett said...

ooh I love cherry blossoms. When my grandfather came back from the war he brought my grandmother teacups with cherry blossoms painted all over them. I now have them all! Such a gorgeous flower and your photo is perfect.

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