Monday, September 29, 2008


uniqlo shop

Uniqlo is high quality and low price casual wear maker and shop.
It is popular among wide generation.

uniqlo shop
In the other hand, It is pointed out that casual wear of uniqlo is no indivisuality.
So uniqlo is trying to make fashionably casual wear.

Thoes photos are uniqlo shop in funabashi city.


Bridgett said...

Is this where you shop, Nobu? It looks like you have a good selection there.

tr3nta said...

Your cell phone does great photos... nice dicover your blog...

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I think I like this shop but what is "wide" generation? Thanks for the daily updates, Nobu. I really enjoy your photos.

nobu said...

Hello Bridgett.
Thanks for your kind comment.

Hello tr3nta.
Welcome to my blog.
I have alredy visited your photo blog. Your blog is really fantastic!!

Hello madison avenue baby.
Sorry, It means young and old.

ken mac said...

we have one of these on broadway in manhattan now..

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