Saturday, September 13, 2008

Large brown cicada

large brown cicada We call them "Abura Zemi".
"abura" means oil.
Thier voice is similar to the sound that we hear when we are deep-frying some food in oil.
They sing even at night.

Funabashi is a habitable place for them.
There are many sand pear(nashi pear) farm here, and they love fruit tree.


Leica said...


Nice photo!

nobu said...

Thanks, Leica!!!!!

SandraD. said...

When I was a teenager I would go to stay with my brother in Oklahoma. They had big cicadas there. In the summer they would come out and make a lot of noise and leave their skins from molting all over the ground. I liked them.

nobu said...

Hello sandra,thanks for your comment.
I think they are singing during this month.

mirage2g said...

My playmates and I pick those up from trees during summer, we know its summer when they start to sing...much like how I notice the depiction of Japanese movies and animes, they use cicadas to denote that summer has come.

nobu said...

Hello mirage. Thanks for your comment.
I think cicada is one of sysmbl of summer for Japanese.

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