Monday, December 06, 2010

Pond in Otakifudoson

I took these photos last friday.
Otakifudoson is a buddist temple located in Kanasugi, Funabashi.
When I visited there, the pond is surounded by beautiful autumn leaves.


Malyss said...

An other peaceful view of your world. Autumn is so beautyful and peaceful in Japan!

joo said...

Fabulous autumn photos! Adorable!

Sandy said...

Always love the autumn colours in Japan.

Love your snaps around Funabashi. We live in Funabashi and still discovering.

By the way, we are looking for a shop where we can have internet access, preferably from 5 pm onwards. You have mentioned a manga cafe before. Where is this please?

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

It takes around a minute from the south exit of Funabshi station(JR)to the net cafe.
Go out from the exit and go straight along the main street, and turn left on the first corner.
That's name is "Airs Cafe".

valeria said...

this is such a lovely and paceful place!Happy new year Nobu!

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