Thursday, July 09, 2009

Walking Road in Drizzle

walking road in drizzleI took this photo on the walking road along ebi-river.
You can see wet wood deck in this photo.
But I like strolling there in drizzle.


joo said...

I'm sure I would love stroling there too - the place is beautiful!

Malyss said...

Looking at the picture, you must be the only one in Tokyo loving walking under the rain!..Ü
But I share this pleasure with you.

And I undertsand why you choosed this place: the walk under the arch of trees is beautyful, especially with those kinds of gates which give a rythm to the view..

Sherry Stewart said...

I also love strolling in drizzle Nobu! Nice shots, makes me wanna come back to Japan so much!
MIssed you! I'm back now..

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