Friday, June 19, 2009

Osamu Dazai

relief of Osamu Dazai
This is a relief of Osamu Dazai (1909-1948) who was an excellent novelist.
His works have still been very popular, especially in young generation of Japan.

He lived in funabashi in around a year.
This bridge is near to the place where he lived.

Osamu Dazai was born on Jun 19 , 1909.


Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Nobu!
Great and very informative post!
Beautiful shots!

joo said...

Wonderful! I love the bridge and the book:)
I have never read him, will have to find something ranslated into English! (I don't think he was translated into Polish)

Malyss said...

I did not know him.
I think to put a sculpture of a book is a very pretty way to pay a tribute to a writer.
But, poor man, he was young when he died...

Kaori said...

Is he the one who wrote Ningen Shikkaku? I didn't know he lived in Funabashi. Wow.

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

Kaori; Yes, He is the author of "Ningen Shikkaku"(Nolonger Human).

m_m said...

Very nice, love such historical details on bridges, streets and so on:)

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