Sunday, April 12, 2009

Petals on the Water

Petals on the water
petals on the water
I took these photos last Friday on the walking road by ebigawa ( ebi-river ).
Petals of cherry blossom flow in the river.
Please click the the second photo, you can see petals falling to the river.
In a part of the river that flows slowly, the water is almost covered with petals.
Those petals dye the river water white(slightly pink).


Malyss said...

It's both beautyful and sad..We wait such a long time for the blossom, then it is lasting a few weeks, and then it's already gone. An ephemere beauty, but wonderful at each step..

m_m said...

Beautiful! You captured it very well!

Leica 麗香 said...

「人生朝露」 … そうですね。

Mahmud Yussop said...

This is all so very romantic and impressionistic.Wonderful picture.

Bridgett said...

I think this is one of your pretties photos, Nobu. Gorgeous!

valeria said...

I indeed enlarged the second photo because I was confused by your it looked like a road, rather than a river... Amazing!!

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