Sunday, February 01, 2009


This small shinto shrine is in calm place.
There are many trees in the precincts of the Shinto shrine.

Behind the gate, long path lies to the hall.
When I am in front of the gate.
I feel a kind of dignity not only to the gate but also to the path.


nanak said...

we are the same, I also use a camera phone to take photos of my city.
Do you know the other cdpb members who is using camera phones?

Babooshka said...

This is so tranquil

Malyss said...

It makes me think of a Buddha's quote: There is no way to happyness, happyness IS the way" ..

Hilda said...

So beautiful and peaceful.

JM said...

Love the arch/gate!

Sherry said...

HI! Oh how I love so much the way you view life, the awareness with which you are a part of it. In this post of approaching the gate, the honor you speak of, I understand this as well, the reverence for the Self as being one with, perhaps.
I remember shrines in Japan, and tying paper prayers to trees.
Walking the path is like a ceremony, and I think maybe if we but realized, life is a ceremony. The gate must represent reverence for life.
What honor to walk that path.

Thank you Nobu for reminding me .... you always bring a smile here..a connection. Thank you

Saretta said...

I miss the serenity of Japanese shrines. I would always climb to the top of the hill to visit that kind, too.

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