Friday, February 20, 2009

Bus terminal

bus terminal
bus terminal
bus terminalThis bus terminal is located in front of funabashi railway station.
It is under the pedestrian deck.
Those buses are used for our daily life such as commute.


Malyss said...

What surprises me in those pictures is that the people seem to wait very quietly, in perfect ranks; Around here, people would be waiting in any places , in groups,or even sitting on the floor for the youngest ones, but NEVER in a rank!

SandraD. said...

I agree with Malyss, very orderly. Also very clean! Our bus areas seem to be littered and dirty, and there are no homeless people in the pictures.

nanak said...

very different with bus terminal in my city.

Leica麗香 said...

Very different from the dirty bus terminals in our cities. But still brings back lovely memories of my november travels. Thank you for posting this.

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